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Welcome to Mama's kitchen! 

The best memories are made in the kitchen with family and friends joined around the table. The kitchen really is the heart of the home. It's warm and cozy, where the delicious aromas invite you in, the sounds of joy and laughter are heard, and you feel loved when you walk in the door! There's no sweeter place to be!

Food really is love made edible, but it's not always easy to create. Sometimes we feel we lack the skills, the time, or the inspiration we need to nourish our families. But it just takes a willing heart to learn, grow, manage, and develop your skills and recipes that your family will love!


I've tried to do some of the work for you by finding and developing delicious recipes that have been family tested and approved! I can't tell you the number of times I worked hard on a recipe my family hated or I even threw it out before anyone saw it! Those are not included here! I only share recipes that have become family favorites and are requested over and over again. And, trust me, with 7 kids I've got some pretty tough judges! I've also included some easy and practical inspiration for planning menus, and making the kitchen and table festive for the different seasons and holidays. 


Just remember all good things take practice. Whether it's making yummy food, setting a beautiful table for the different seasons, or planning menus that will wow the crowd, the more you try it, the better you get!  I hope you find encouragement and inspiration here as you create many celebrations and happy times in your kitchen! Yum!

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Holiday Menus and Celebrations

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