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Welcome to Mama's family! 

Families are like fudge, really sweet with a few nuts thrown in! Family is what it's all about! A house comes alive when a family enters it. The best things in life are tiny fingers wrapped around yours, the musical sounds of children's laughter, long car rides with teenagers, heart-to-hearts with your spouse, morning snuggles, rosy cheeks, and just being important to someone. What a wonderful gift it is to have a family, no matter how it is brought together. How sweet it is to have your own people! 


Here you will get to know more about stories specific to our family. As a mama of 7, five biological, including one with special needs, and two adopted; and having them range in age from 20s down to under 5, we have had plenty of ups and downs. I share our struggles and our victories. No family is perfect, but I hope you find encouragement here for your own family! 

Special Needs

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Waves on the Rocks


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Preschool Lesson Plan Pic_edited_edited.
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