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Free Preschool Weekly Planner Template

Since showing you my homeschool room in my last post, I thought I'd give you a freebie to help out those who are homeschooling little ones or are thinking about it. I am not a big planner when it comes to our school. When I first began, I tried to have daily plans for each child for what they would be working on. But after having to adjust it all the time, I stopped doing that. I make a yearly plan for the subjects we need to do and decide how far we need to get in each subject, and that's about it. I find it is much easier to just open up what we are working on and do the next lesson. Daily planning was frustrating and time consuming!!

This year I have 3 preschooler/kindergarten age children and I needed something a little more structured to keep me organized. So I created this weekly planner. For my preschoolers, we worked on one theme a week and did all of the activities around that. For instance, when we studied colors we picked out one color a week and every activity was focused around that. The books we read, our snacks, our outdoor activities, our art projects were all related to that one color. We did the same thing for colors, shapes, opposites, seasons, numbers, and so on. This helped me stay organized and gave me flexibility for each day. I planned several weeks at a time and then when we got to that week, I just looked at what I wanted to work on that day, or picked out which activities would best fit in our schedule, and go from there.

To help me stay organized I keep all my records, worksheets, plans, etc. in a binder for the school year. I use one binder per child, except for the preschoolers, I just used one for all 3. It's super convenient to just pull out the binder and have everything at hand to get started on school. For this preschool weekly planner I made a margin on the side for room to punch holes to slip in a binder. It makes it really convenient! Just open and go! It helps to print it on on card stock so it is more sturdy and doesn't tear. But if I'm out of card stock, I print it on printer paper and cover the margin with packing tape before I punch the holes. That also helps the pages not to rip so easily.

If you would like to download the preschool weekly planner just click on the image below. It is in a PDF format. I hope this will help other homeschoolers have an easy way to stay organized!

Take care!



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