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Hope You Had a Happy Love Day!

I intended to post this last week, but the kids got sick and then I got sick, so better late than never I guess! I hope you had a Happy Love Day!

I know that not everyone loves Valentine's Day, but I am so thankful for this little spark tucked into a bleak winter! I needed it! I was feeling terrible from a sinus infection the days before and knowing the kids looked forward to this day, I dragged myself out of bed and put up some decorations around the house. They were so excited watching it all go up, it boosted my spirits! I didn't have a lot of energy but I had a lot of helpers and that made it really fun!

I usually start with the chalkboard in our kitchen. That helps me get in the mood for decorating and sets the tone for the rest of the house. Thankfully, I already had this done and the big chalkboard in our homeschool/dining room.

The best part was doing the mantle. My little four year old daughter loves "little" things. She collects all kinds of tiny toys and tiny things to put them in and carries them everywhere. When I was pulling the decorations out she insisted I bring up these six little candle holders even though I had no intention of using them. I put everything out on the table and she started filling them with flowers! It was so cute to watch! I had to put them on the mantle just to show off her hard work!

I just threw a couple of things on the table over a vinyl tablecloth and that's it! We hung up a few paper hearts and a Valentine's Day banner and it all set the mood for our love day!

By Friday I had the energy to go grocery shopping and pick up some things to make a nice Valentine's dinner. Isn't it funny how things evolve and you always have a certain meal on certain days? For us, we always have steak and cheese fondue for our Valentine's dinner. It is so good! We also had spinach dip, crab, asparagus, crackers and cheese, and I surprised the guys with 2 small lobster tails. Yummy! For me, baking is the best part. It is love made edible! I had already made valentine cookies, and I baked a chocolate brownie heart, and I picked up some pretty cupcakes. It was delicious!

It's the small things in life that add up to big things. One small day, one small meal, a few small decorations and they add up to the joy and happiness and the memories of my husband and my children. It was such a wonderful day! I'm so glad I get to be the music maker of it all!

Hope you had a great love day too! We are getting closer to spring one day at a time! We will make it!!

Take care!



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I'm Maria (sometimes called Mama Ria by my little ones) and welcome to my home and my life! I hope to encourage you to find practical ways to Make Home Sweet!

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