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Master Bedroom and Advice Needed!!

Have you ever started a project and just got stuck? That's where I'm at now, and I need your help!! Pretty please!

Last July as an anniversary gift to us (and since we had FINALLY moved the last little kid out of our bedroom) we decided to give our master bedroom a refresh. We had lived in this house for 2 years by this time, and had done nothing to our master bedroom yet. We still had the previous owners curtains hanging up, that's how bad it was!

I envisioned something that felt relaxing and serene, but still had with a little color because I can't deal with all white rooms. We had to work with our existing furniture, which was a black bed, 2 dressers, and a nightstand that we had purchased about 10 years ago.

Our room is a rectangle and originally we placed our bed on the longest wall in our room, in front of the two windows. It was a good layout then because it allowed us to have a crib and a child's bed in here for our two babies that were bunking with us. But, after ditching the kids, I wanted to move the bed to the shorter wall. The problem was that there was only one window on this wall and it was way off center and I thought it would look weird. Here it is below...

So my wonderful husband, with his amazing carpentry skills, added a matching window on this wall. We had actually taken the "new" window out of our kitchen and it happened to be exactly the right size. After the window was installed, we put shiplap up to give this room a little texture and character.

After that was all completed, the fun part began! Decorating! It feels like Christmas morning when I get to start designing a room! I needed to incorporate the black furniture that we already had, so I chose a color scheme with white, cream, blue and touches of black.

I painted and caulked the shiplap white, and painted the others walls a pretty blue/gray color. I ordered new bedding, which I thought was white & cream with blue accents, but ended up being white & cream with gray accents. That's what happens when you can't see it in person! But it was subtle and still worked, so I kept it.

We built a bench to sit at the end of our bed, for extra seating. You can read more about how we made that here. We ordered some new blinds for the windows and I sewed the new curtains and made the pillows for the bed. It was all coming together! Here is what it looked like...

To be honest, I only sewed 3 of the 4 curtain panels (you can't see the unfinished one in these pics). And a year later, it's still like that (insert head roll of shame). The last panel is still hanging there, untouched calling out to me, reminding me I've got work to do! It's because I can only do big projects in the summer, since I homeschool, and I have no extra time once school starts. And now with the 4th of July over and school quickly approaching I need to get this project done!

Here's where I need your help. In addition to the unsewn curtain, I have another project nagging at me. A few months ago, we brought a cabinet (that we had used in our last house) into our room for me to store my craft supplies, sewing machine, and that kind of stuff in. It needs some help! It is painted a cream color and doesn't fit in with the rest of the room. I walk by it everyday hoping for some sort of inspiration to jump out at me, but so far nothing. I want it to fit in with the rest of our room, but I don't want to just paint it black. I have this weird thing that I feel suffocated if everything in the room is all matchy-matchy. I need coordination but also variety. Here it is along with my unsewn curtain panel...

You can see it has the cardboard hanging out under it so it can be painted, but it sits here untouched. Here's what I was thinking. I could leave it cream and paint some black accents on it, or stencil it or something like this...

Or I can paint it black and do something to the doors, like rout out the panels and add mirrors to lighten it up. Maybe something like this...

Or I could paint it to look like weathered wood, kind of like the bench that we made. Something like this... (As a side note, I would actually love to get rid of our black dressers and add 2 large dressers next to the bed to use as nightstands and dressers like the picture below. But that costs moo-lah, we need the storage, and my husband isn't on board with the idea. *Sigh*)

So whatdaya think? The cream cabinet with stencils, the black cabinet with mirrors, or the weathered wood look? Or leave it as is? Please let me know in the comments below or send me a message!! I've got the next month or so before my summer ends and my clock is ticking. If I can't get some inspiration we'll have to look at it for another year. HELP! Thank you soooooooo much!

Take care! Maria


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