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My Craft Cabinet Is Finished!

My craft cabinet is done! Yes! And it's a good thing too because school starts for us on Monday. And since we homeschool (this year I'm schooling 5!), my summer project time is about over. I made it just in time! Phew! I just want to tell you all, THANK YOU! Thank you for all your input and advice with this piece. I was at a loss with what to do with it, and had no motivation, and you all came alongside me and gave me the inspiration I needed to get this thing done! And I LOVE it so much now! It's so pretty!! It doesn't feel like an eyesore or that it's out of place anymore, but it feels like it fits in with the rest of our bedroom. Here my new beauty!

To remind you, this is how it started.

I wasn't sure what I wanted do with this cabinet. It felt out of place with the rest of our bedroom (which we had updated a year ago) and the cream color made it feel aged and kind of dirty. I thought maybe I should paint it, or do something with the doors, or stencil it? And I presented you with my dilemma, most of you went with the stencil idea, which was actually a surprise to me. I was a little worried that it would look like a stencil from the 90's, but I think it feels fresh and updated.

The "stencil" is actually just a design I found online and cut out on my Cricut machine (which I love!). I used an iridescent ivory vinyl and just stuck it to the door. I waited about a week or two after I painted it a nice bright white, so the paint could cure and the vinyl would adhere well. The good thing is, if I ever get tired of that design, I can just remove it with a hair dryer. Here is the cabinet after I finished painting it and then while I was placing the design.

I also worked on the inside of the cabinet as well. Years ago, we bought this piece on clearance, it was an entertainment center. My husband made the built-in shelves for me out of plywood. They are super heavy duty and can hold a lot without sagging, but it made this piece weigh about eleventy-million pounds! I had never painted them or anything, but I couldn't have the outside look pretty without fixing up the inside! So, the shelves got a fresh coat of paint and I also had my sweet husband add some storage to the doors as well. I added my thread holder and a basket to hold some of my books and magazines I use for inspiration. I may add a cork board to the inside of the other door, I'm still figuring that out.

I even got the last curtain panel sewed, which has been hanging there as a raw piece of cloth for the past year! Yes!

You can see that it fits in much better with the rest of our room! It coordinates well but doesn't feel too matchy-matchy for me.

I made the "dream" sign for the top of my cabinet. This was an old frame we already had that we sanded down and stained. I bought the canvas and painted it and then cut out the word on vinyl with my Cricut. I like the word "dream" since it's for our bedroom, but I also like because this cabinet holds my creative materials and it pushes me keep imagining and daydreaming. A little creativity helps keeps me a happy mama!

But, I also think of that quote from C.S. Lewis that says, "You are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream." I think we all need to have big dreams for our life. Dreams for our family, dreams for our home, dreams for our future! I don't just want to survive this life, but to make a big impact in this dark world by the life I live. I want to continually grow and develop so I can have bigger influence, have greater doors open, and the ability to touch and encourage the lives of those around me in a remarkable and positive way. I only get one chance at this life and I want mine to count! It's worth dreaming about and fighting for!

Anyway, thanks again for you input and encouragement to help me finish this project! One more thing done and checked off the list!

Take care!



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