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Never Despise Small Beginnings

Look to the Heavens!

Well, here goes nothing. Here is my leap of faith. You’re watching me jump, right now. Did you see me? My feet just left the cliff’s edge. I am taking on a new adventure, something I’ve dreamed of for years and years. It wasn’t really my plan to take on a blog right now, but it’s something that took hold of me and I’m going for it. So many times I look down at myself to see what I can accomplish, but then I’m reminded…

Don’t look down, look up!

Look to the Heavens and all that God can accomplish through you. So here is my very first post. I will not despise the day of small things! Welcome!!


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Hi there!

I'm Maria (sometimes called Mama Ria by my little ones) and welcome to my home and my life! I hope to encourage you to find practical ways to Make Home Sweet!

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