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Springtime Front Porch

Ahhhh...the front porch. There's no place like it! It is certainly my happy place! It is where I go to take a breather, to get a little refreshing time. It's my lemonade drinkin', thunderstorm watchin', wrapped up in a blanket, rockin' a baby kinda place. We all need a place to relax and, for me, it's the front porch.

All my life I dreamed of having a house with a wrap around porch and I've finally got one! And it is a dream come true!! Not only is it a place for peace, but it's a hang out spot as well. I love when we all sit out there together, laughing and joking, or when I get to have some one-on-one time and deep conversation with one of my kids. It's my leave the messy house behind me excuse for taking a break. (And where the calories don't count when you eat ice least, that's what I tell myself!)

This is my leave-the-world-behind-me spot. We have the most spectacular view from the porch. We watch the deer run across the field, and the hawks soaring over the mountains in the sky, we’ve even seen bears a couple of times. I love watching the grass sway in the breeze, like Little House on the Prairie. We always get to watch the thunderstorms blow in, and it's neat to see the rain start across the field before it hits us at the house. I even sit out there when it snows, it's so quiet that I can almost hear the snow hitting the ground. We have been blessed by God's wonderful creation!

Like the rest of my house, the front porch has furniture that's been pieced together. Some things are hand-me-downs or bought from craigslist or clearance somewhere. The rocking chair had a broken arm and came from a Habitat for Humanity Restore which my husband fixed up and I painted it. The wicker bench was an anniversary present for me. The side tables were from my husband's bachelor days, which I've painted. I hope to be able to add another rocking chair soon and my dream is to someday have a porch swing! The furniture is a lot of hodge-podge, but for now it's wonderful.

Earlier this week we finished school (and trust me, this teacher is as excited as her students are to be done!!!), and I got to spend an afternoon cleaning this place up. It feels good to clean off all the mud that's been tracked up here, and clean up the dust and mildew from the siding, but the biggest battle has been to keep the spider webs down, yuck! I hate spiders!!

I spruced up the decorations a little bit. I got all my Mother's day flowers planted. I bought some new material for the table runner and pillows. This year I'm doing teal and navy for my colors. My sewing machine is currently broken so I actually hot glued the pillows together, (shhh! don't tell anyone!) I've read about other people doing it and I thought I'd try it. We'll see how long they last! I made a new sign to hang out there, that reads "Our Happy Place" and I love it! So, with it being all clean and spider-free I figure I'd better show you some pictures now before it gets all messed up again!

Since the porch is a place of peace, I'll be quiet now and let you enjoy the pictures...

So there it is! To compare, here's where it was a month ago...

Well I hope you enjoyed my springtime porch! It's just a little spot but it brings me so much joy! I hope you have a little spot of your own to enjoy in your corner of the world!

Take care! Maria

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